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The Web Design Process

March 2, 2018

Many of our clients ask a question, what they should begin the process of designing their company website with. We would like to introduce the web design process in G2 Team to you. This article will focus on describing phases of designing a website for small and medium enterprises.

It’s wort noticing, that a well- designed website is an investment which pays for itself very quickly. We have made experience in designing about 300 websites for a vast array of companies in different sectors. Thus, we know many companies which have strengthened their position on the market and increased their revenue, having discerned the importance of digital marketing. That’s why, it is of great importance that you are aware of the profitability of this investment. It’s also crucial that you provide the website designer with needed information and you cooperate with them.

Phases of the web design process:


  • Research
  • Target audiences & business environment
  • Analysis of the collected data
  • Wireframing
  • Visual design
  • Website development
  • SEO optimisation & content development
  • Launching a website on a server
  • Implementing a digital marketing strategy
  • Site Maintenance, analysis, website development


Research aims at providing the designer with data about the company, its products and services. What’s more, the designer needs information about the business environment, competitors on the market and business goals.

Sample questions which we ask our clients:

  • What sector does your company offer its services in? What experience do you have? What products do you offer? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

An in-depth knowledge about the company, about its products and distribution channels, about its marketing strategy, workers and its structure is of great importance for us. If you provide us with the full picture of your business, we are able to prepare a marketing strategy which meets your expectations and satisfies market demand.

  • Who are the competitors?

We analyse the industry, your products and direct competitors. We determine the leaders on the market and we make sure we know, how they use digital marketing tools. We analyse content of websites, paid advertisements, social media, positions in Google ranking and the linking (SEO processes, based on which we can determine challenges and we can estimate needed time to achieve the leading Google Search Engine Ranking position).

  • What are the development plans for the next couple of years?

We take into consideration your short- term and long- term development. We do it, by analysing factors which can contribute to this development and challenges which the company may encounter.

In the research phase, we collect information such as: your current visual identification, a list of products, services, its characteristics and its achievements.

2. Target audiences & business environment

We find out, what competitors there are on the market. What’s more, we find out, what influence your business environment has on your development. We get needed data both from our clients and we perform our own analysis e.g. an analysis of Google search result, of Google AdWords and your activity on social media. We use such tools in this process:


We perform an analysis of the collected data. In order to write a report on your competitors, we estimate the frequency of website traffic on their website, determine the way of website positioning and use of paid adverts. Having this data, where are able to inform you how much money you will have to spend on achieving similar or better results.

3. Analysis of the collected information

We store collected information and reports in the CRM Basecamp system and on well- known online drives such as: Google Drive and Dropbox. Additionally, we prepare a schedule of our work and a list of tasks to accomplish in each and every phase of the project. Our copywriters carry out analysis on texts which we get from our clients and if needed, they enhance them and ensure that they are of the best quality.

dzialkreatywnyg2teamBrainstorming is often a creative way to develop materials and concepts

4. Wireframing

You always need specific elements which will lay the ground for a good website project: a UX designer’s analysis and determination of needed elements. What’s more, an information architecture plan is the key to a good visual design, which will meet your expectations. We use such programmes as: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, Axure, Balsamiq or Invision, to prepare the layout of your website.

5. Visual design

Web designer can provide you with a perfect website based on the data he has collected. The visual design, which we provide you with, will meet your expectations concerning the visual aspect, your target market and a website conversion. The visual design of your website is consulted with you, giving you a possibility to express your opinion on it, make changes to it, and ask questions, which we will answer.

6. Website development

In this phase, the programming department starts working on the project. An implementation process is carried out, using the most recent, available IT solutions and libraries. Depending on the complexity of a project, and our clients’ expectations, we choose an appropriate CMS system and a suitable programming language. We often use HTML5 with PHP and JavaScript, while working on websites for various companies. Additionally, we’re professionals at GitHub and similar programmes.

The implementation phase is divided into two sages, namely front- end and back- end. That is why, our clients can see what their future website will look like both on computers and mobile devices, already on early stage of a design work. Moreover, we also implement RWD, so that the website complies with Google standards and can be displayed on the majority of mobile devices.

7. SEO optimisation & content development

Our goal is that every project we work on, meets your expectations and gives you tangible benefits. We provide you with perfectly optimised websites, because we have made huge experience with website optimisation and positioning. We add proper title and meta site markers, determine the hierarchy of H1 and H2 headings, and the alt attribute of an image. What’s more we bear in mind proper text length, in every site section, internal linking, site maps. Additionally, we track your website’s performance on Google search console. The most important element of this phase is to run a website speed test in various browsers and on a few mobile devices. 

seomarketingE-marketing has a positive impact on business revenues

8. Launching a website on a server

After having ran all needed tests, we put a website on a client server. We do our utmost, so that the website works properly. We also open an SSL certificate and we run needed tests to make sure that everything is ready to use. We also configure email accounts.

9. Implementing a digital marketing strategy

If it’s our client’s wish, we develop and implement a strategy of website positioning, using Google AdWords, social media advertising and word- of- mouth advertising. Digital marketing is a big thing, about which we will write another article.

10. Site maintenance, analysis, website development

Designing and starting a new website is just the beginning. Competitors and Google search engine itself cause a constant need for updates and further development This will improve the website position in the Google search engine ranking. To benefit from the investment you have made, It is crucial to remember about site maintenance and regular updates of the content on it.

We encourage you to contact us regarding your own website! We work for companies based in Szczecin, Koszalin, Kołobrzeg, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warszawa.