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What is web positioning and why should you spend your money on it?

March 17, 2018

What was web positioning like in the past?

Web positioning triggers negative reactions in people. It is so, because of huge competition on the SEO and SEM market. Very often, these companies would neglect their clients. Their marketing was pushy, which would not bring any positive results. Moreover, they used to sign contracts which were not ambiguous for their clients.

The branch of online marketing has changed for the better recently. It is so because of Google search engine and its new algorithms (e.g. panda, penguin and hummingbird- names of updates). What’s more, we should not forget the wind of change caused by so- called Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO- this is a common name for a web positioning method which fools Google algorithms and delivering a false figure. To cut the long story short, they would use low- quality links, post spam on blogs and websites, would launch multiple websites and copy a low- quality content from other websites and paste contents from SEO mixers. Generally speaking, this process would lead to posting spam on the internet. These methods did not comply with Google search engine’s goal, which was to provide its users with high- quality content.

Google prevented such websites from appearing on the internet through the already mentioned updates. A lot of website which had been positioned using these methods were either banned or they lost their high search engine ranking position. A few years had passed and such companies, which would provide their clients with fast and cheep web positioning services, withdrew from the market. It was for the benefit of people because now, they can be sure that there are just companies on the market, which offer high- quality services.

What Does Web Positioning Look Like Now?

Surely, you have heard the phrase: “content is king” many times. Indeed, it is true. Nowadays, web positioning focuses on determining websites users’ needs, on high- quality content and on a clear and specific message, which will answer their questions and have some input into their knowledge. High- quality content is not enough. A website needs to meet many criteria, to gain a high Google ranking position.


Analysis of statistics using Google Analytics

So-called ranking factors are not known to the public. Google does not reveal much information but you can determine them, while working on website optimisation and positioning.

Important SEO ranking factors are:


  • High- quality content
  • High- quality external links
  • The number and quality of IP addresses, where the links come from
  • The number and quality of domains, where the links come from
  • Opening an SSL certificate
  • Building a responsive website
  • Keywords on the website
  • Title, meta and alt site markers
  • Determination of the hierarchy of H1, H2 and H3 headings
  • Site map updates and a configuration of Google webmaster tools
  • A website ping which makes the Google robot read new content



Sources such as Semrush, Ahrefs, MajesticSeo has determined the number of Google SEO ranking factors, namely 200 of them.


Nowadays, website positioning can be easily automatized. It requires both technical skills and soft skills, tho. Not only is specialised knowledge in the field of website optimisation important, but also in the field of link building, buffer sites, marketing strategy adjusted to your target group, competitor analysis, market analysis and useful content.


A basic website positioning process:


  • Market, competitor and target group analysis
  • A high-quality website design (How do we do it?)
  • Link building
  • Quality backlinks
  • Buffer sites
  • Cooperation with bloggers to have articles about your company posted
  • Website indexing and maintenance

1.Market, competitor and target group analysis.

Market and competitor analysis will enable you to get information about your target group’s needs. Thanks to Similarweb, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner you will be able to determine high- converting keywords.

2.A high- quality website design (How do we do it?)

There are three main areas which are important while developing a high- quality website: technical development, graphic design and high- quality content. It is crucial while working on website positioning, to be sure that a website is fast, secured, responsive, transparent and has a valuable content. There should be unique content posted on it. It should describe company’s services, so that the website is distinctive among other ones. This is especially important when a company sells popular products or offers popular services and has may competitors.

3. Link building

Buffer sites are websites, blogs and landing pages which are developed to strengthen your website’s linking and to increase the number of website traffic on your landing website. It is important to choose appropriate domains, while linking your website to buffer sites. It is beneficial, when they had been developed a few years earlier and they are linked to proper websites as well. The differentiation of CMS scripts and the use of separate IP addresses for each site is of great importance in this process. Diversification of hosting providers is also recommended. In this way, such linked buffer sites will not only provide high-quality links but also redirect a visitor to the main domain. They will also provide you with leads.

Sample Seo backend scheme

4. Quality backlinks

One of the leading SEO ranking factors is a sufficient number of so-called backlinks. Of course, they have to be of high quality. Using exchange link programmes, such as xrumer etc., may lead to a decline in Google search ranking. There is a high chance of being banned or filtered by Google. What links do you need then? You need links which will direct you to safe websites, to well- known websites and to ones whose content is correlated with yours. Domains of different institutions, organisations and societies are sought after as well. The higher quality of a linked website, the higher your position in the ranking and the more trustworthy you are. In this case, it’s not the number that counts, but the quality.

5. Buffer websites

You should have buffer websites- e.g. blogs which redirect their visitors to the landing website and which are high in the Google ranking too. We look for links to well- known websites like profiles or comments on Internet forums. All buffer websites should be indexed after having posted a new content, so that the Google robot will visit them as soon as possible.

6. Cooperation with bloggers to have articles about your company posted

There are many possibilities to post sponsored articles and product reviews, because of a dynamic development of the influencers’ and bloggers’ market. Not only do you build the linking of your website but also strengthen your visual identification when you have articles about your company and services published. What’s more, you increase the website traffic on your website which enhances the website conversion.

7.Website indexing and Maintenance

We can see the effects of intense work on each aspect of website positioning already after a few months. The effects are: a high website position and a high number of website traffic, as well as a conversion which leads to revenue growth. Very often, there is a temptation to give up on further development of the website. And this is a huge mistake. Positioning, work on developing the content of both buffer website and the the landing page is a process that should be continuous. By not doing so, the negative effects of such conduct will be visible really soon. Google search engine provides users only with an updated and enhanced content. No position in Google search engine ranking is permanent, that’s why continuous work is required.

Website positioning is a long-term investment. Very often, you have to wait for the results for a few months. Your website, which converts well, has more visitors which you get for a reasonable price. We are not exposed to dynamic growth of our competitors and a drastic decrease in website traffic. This is the case when one uses Google Ads as a primary source of website traffic. Diversification is important, which minimizes the risk, and we encourage you to do so.

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