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UI / UX Design

Regardless of whether we work on the store implementation, portal or the website, the most important factor while creating a new project is the purpose for which the final product will be intended. The goal is one- to meet the audience’s expectations. Our websites compatible with UI/UX Design are not only beautiful and outstanding but primarily user-friendly. Nowadays, content recipients search only for high quality products – the site should be easy to navigate, visually appealing and should provide all the necessary information. Specialists in G2 Team create such projects.

User Experience

UX designing is the development of web pages as well as web applications bearing in mind the user’s experience. It is all about taking the pleasure of efficient interaction between the user and the offered product. All of that can easily be fulfilled according to maximum usability, functionality and intuitive operation.

User Interface

UI are such programming elements that are responsible for the interaction between user and the product. Website design must comply with webdesign principles – meaning consistent and intuitive interface. Such UI elements which are visible for the recipients include menu, navigation, photo gallery and text layout.

UI/ UX Design

UI / UX-based design allows us to provide the recipients with what they exactly need – in a simple and visually appealing form. The applications and the websites which we create for our clients are primarily tailored to meet their requirements. This all translates into greater website traffic and a higher conversion rate.

Working on the particular project usually begins with understanding the needs as well as behaviour of the potential audience. Such a solid foundation allows you to go for a connection oriented design that will be both functional, outstanding and beautiful. Then comes the extremely vital, product testing phase, where all patches are introduced. These could undoubtedly improve the reception of the website.

UI/UX Design allows us to create websites and web applications that basically make a huge impression on a potential recipient. Positive experiences of using such a website get the customer to keep coming back.

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