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Web portals

Web platforms are powerful and extremely developed web pages with specific features which give us an interactive interaction between users and service providers. Not only do they increase a consumer’s choice but also improve the efficiency and competitivity of business entities on the market. They are also a great and inimitable chance for successful start-ups. While creating online platforms for our customers, we take care of efficient architecture of both the system and the servers but also pay attention to the content and functions which are most sought-after by the users.


We work on the basis of latest technologies, both front-end and back-end. We choose perfect solutions for the particular project’s use. As a result, the final product stands out by its original design, functionality and dependable operation appreciated by the users.

User-friendly operation

Web application and net platform projects are based on UI / UX Design principles, which make their operation very intuitive and fast for each user. We provide our recipients with positive experience, so that each project gets a higher conversion rate and faster return on investment.

Internet platforms

The main idea of online platforms is to facilitate users’ interactions through the use of latest information as well as communication technologies. The characteristic feature of such products is providing specific functions for defined group of users. Their subjects cover a wide range of various business activities, from e-learning platforms through recruiting and social networks, to software for banking and finance companies or platforms dedicated to business partners.

Specialised online platforms that we design for our clients are marked by innovative tools provided to the users. While creating online platforms we tend to reach for proven and secure tools, not only in terms of front-end structure but also back-end. Depending on the project’s specificity, we implement a properly structured database structure that allows us to develop our ready-made platform even further and add more features in the upcoming future. One of the key elements of the platform implementation is the test phase which aim is to check the functionality and correctness in terms of product’s operation.

Each platform that is implemented by our team is based on the individually developed content management system, CMS. This undoubtedly allows the site owner to update or modify the content of the site without any need for having an advanced computer knowledge. On the visual level, we create projects which comply with UX Design guidelines, so that we make sure using a ready-made online platform is simple and enjoyable at the same time.

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